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Look after your boiler this Spring

Are you looking to start carrying out the annual Spring clean in your home?


As we start our Spring clean in preparation for the Summer months, it’s easy to overlook the face that our boilers need looking after and a good clean too.

Through the long Winter months, your boiler has been working hard to heat up your home, and it’s due some well earned TLC. Spring is a great time to book your boiler servicem and give it the treatment it deserves. In the meantime, you can do the following checks to make sure it’s running smoothly.

1: Check for leaks


Leaks can happen at any time of the year, but are most likely to occur after a cold snap. Check over the boiler and pipework (only external checks only – Gas Safe engineers should be the only people to check the internal workings) to ensure that there are no signs of drips.

Another way of determining if there is a leak on the system is to check the pressure on the boiler. If the pressure is dropping it could be a warning sign that there is a leak on the system, or something else within the boiler requires attention.




2: Listen out for any strange noises


It’s not uncommon for your boiler to make some strange noises, espcially when the heating is filling up.

However, if you notice a change in these noises or perhaps a bubbling noise it could mean that there’s a problem. If you’re at all concerned about the noises being made by your boiler, give The Honest Hub a call on 01424 200005.




3: Be aware of blockages


Leaks may not be the only problem if you’re not taking care of your boiler. You may also end up dealing with blockages.


When turning your heating system on, you’ll be able to identify blockages swiftly. If your radiators aren’t warming up as they should, or there are cold spots, it’s likely that there are blockages in the system, and you’ll need a boiler engineer to assess.


Get in touch with The Honest Hub today to book in your annual boiler service by calling 01424 200005 or filling in the form below.

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