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Downstairs Toilet Inspiration

Downstairs Toilet Inspiration

Making the most of your space.

For this particular design, I’ve chosen a few key elements which make the room feel spacious and luxurious. I started thinking about the tiles as I knew from the start I wanted the tiles to cover the floor and walls for a seamless look.  I also knew I wanted a high gloss stone or marble tile, which would reflect the light. 

Looking at the room itself it has a large window which creates the majority of the lighting for the room. This persuaded me to take the jump for a large dark grey tile.  This stunning stone was the lead for all the accessories and I decided chrome would be the best fit for it’s metallic and cool tones. 

Thinking about sanitary ware, it had to be modern and fresh to suit the tiles so I thought wall hung was the way to go. This makes it easy to clean and adds to the seamless look. I decided to go for a vanity single sink where there would be enough space to place a bag or a pile of hand towels and a soap dispenser. 

On to accessories… Since the main focus is on the tiles and the theme is a minimalist look I didn’t want too much interfering with the space. I felt a full length mirror was needed, preferably illuminated and a plant for a pop of colour.

When thinking about a downstairs loo think about how you want to enhance your space. Take inspiration from a theme, colour or texture. Stay tidy and organised, remember less is more and find your niche.

Designed and written by Lily Power, Designer at the Honest Hub / C.P Hart Bathrooms.

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