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Do you need a new boiler?

Boiler Repair and Installation in the South East.

Having your boiler replaced can be an unexpected expense, and having no heating or hot water can be a huge inconvenience. The Honest Hubs’ expert engineers will attend your property ASAP after you get in touch. If your boiler is experiencing one of the below problems and is beyond economical repair, we will provide you with a quote for a boiler installation.

1: A leak on the boiler


Leaks on your boiler can be dangerous – the boiler itself uses gas and electricity to power your heating system, so leaks should be checked ASAP.
Leaking boilers can be expensive to repair, especially if it has caused damage or corrosion, so it can often be more economical to have a new boiler fitted. The Honest Hub’s expert engineers will discuss this with you if it is the case, and provide you with a quote for both options if needed.


2: Noticeable smells


Boilers should never give off a noticeable smell. If they do, it’s likely time to have a replacement. A qualified gas engineer, such as our engineers at The Honest Hub will check over the unit for any leaks and faults. If a boiler is left with faults for too long, it can be at a higher risk of a carbon monoxide leak. If you’re experiencing strange smells from your boiler, call The Honest Hub to book an appointment and put your mind at ease.


3: Your boiler is noisy


Boilers aren’t silent, but if your boiler has started to make more or different noises than normal then this could be a warning sign. Noises such as scratching, tapping, whirring and whistling can be a sign that something within your boiler has a problem that needs to be fixed.


4: Your house wont warm up


If your boiler is taking a long time to reach the desired temperature, or just can’t meet it at all, it could be a sign that a new boiler is needed.  Newer boilers are more energy efficient, so having a new unit fitted could be in your best interest.



If you think your boiler needs to be replaced, or have any worries about your heating system then make sure that you speak to The Honest Hub. Our engineers are Gas Safe, and have a 95% first fix rate on boiler breakdowns.

If your boiler can be fixed economically, we will always recommend this option. If not, we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote for a boiler installation.

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