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5 luxury bathroom design tips

When it comes to luxury bathroom design, there are several factors to consider. Whether you are undertaking a bathroom renovation, or a completely new installation, this needs proper planning. 

In this blog, we’ll be sharing our advice on how to get it right!

Plan for a luxury bathroom design

Tip 1: Understand your options, and plan your bathroom layout

To plan the layout for your bathroom, you need to establish if the soil stack pipe for the WC can be moved. In many locations, it is possible. It can, however, make the project more complex and costly unless it is essential to achieve a design. This is because managing the fall of the waste is more complex than other more basic pipework. 

Once you have decided on that starting point, the other elements to confirm will include where the bath, shower and basin will be positioned. 

To get this right, you need to have accurate measurements as small differences can involve big costs to correct further along the line.

Lighting for a luxury bathroom design

Tip 2: Choose bathroom lighting that isn’t too clinical 

The light fixtures you select, or the use of natural light will really affect the feeling your bathroom provides. Take the time to investigate different solutions to create the setting that’s well matched to your style and preference. Here are a few guidance points.

Downlighting provides a more consistent light coverage but can also feel somewhat clinical. They work well in ultra-modern settings, but less so in more characterful or traditional environments. This is also true of en-suite settings and master bathrooms, where practical requirements versus luxury may differ.

Using two separate lighting circuits can be helpful in managing the lighting as it allows for three separate results. One for when each circuit is used in isolation, as well as the one created using both.

The most common approach is to separate the circuit upon which downlighting is connected from other feature lighting. The secondary lighting circuit can include under basin lights or recessed lighting. It could also include wall lights or up-lighters that can be used to illuminate the bath or shower itself.

Products for a luxury bathroom design

Tip 3: Select bathroom products that give your design a wow

There are lots of bathroom products. Here we’ll look at the main categories, but do check out our full website if you’d like to see a full portfolio of options, or come and visit the showroom to see them in person.


These come in a myriad of shapes, styles, and materials. Options exist for every budget, and personal preference. There are even hammock baths now!

Whilst inset steel and acrylic tubs have been most fitted in the past, the broader options of freestanding stone, composite, and cast-iron baths are now available. Each type comes with its own advantages! 

Composites are easy to repair, and become warm to the touch, which many people find more enjoyable than settling on a cold surface. Cast-iron baths are well known for keeping the heat in for longer, and allowing for a more relaxed, leisurely experience. 


Wetrooms also can be designed to different tastes and styles. Frameless options can provide that modern feel, whilst enclosed showers are more effective at keeping the heat and steam from the shower in that area.

Taps and functional fittings

Choosing the right taps can make a world of difference to the sense of opulence provided by your luxury bathroom design. 

As these critical components are working parts, they need to be resilient and well made. By investing in quality materials, you are giving yourself the best potential for durability and longevity.

One vital consideration is to ensure that the components you choose are suitable for the water pressure in your home. As an example, many older properties do not have sufficient water pressure for some of the more modern overhead shower designs. If you have any questions on this, please do get in touch with the experts in our team at The Honest Hub.

Other ways enhance the experience

There are many other ways to boost the way your bathroom is experienced. Including heated towel rails, underfloor heating, and other options can take your bathroom from average to wow in no time! 

There are also some practical design thoughts to remember such as ensuring that people using the shower or bath don’t have to walk across the bathroom to reach their towel.

Luxury bathroom design flooring

Tip 4: Prioritise safety in your luxury bathroom design

It’s very important that you have safe flooring in your bathroom. Ensuring an anti-slip finish is essential, as accidents can (and sadly do) happen! 

Many steel trays include an anti-slip finish and composite trays often have been manufactured to provide grip. For shower floors with a tiled base, a matt finish tile really matters as it limits the chance for slips and falls. The important thing is to make sure you have asked the question when ordering and are confident in the advice you receive.

Luxury bathroom design and installation

Tip 5: Use a skilled bathroom installation team!

By now, you’ll probably be excited to get your bathroom project underway. It’s also likely that you’ve recognised that there are a lot of things to consider if you want to get it right.

That’s why we recommend using a professional and skilled design and installation team for your bathroom project. 

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Whilst you know the style and feel you want to create, the knowledge and experience we can offer in support of that is really important.

Having installed dozens of bathrooms we understand the breadth of options, as well as the tips and tricks to space management, lighting and more. At the Honest Hub we are approved stockists for C.P. Hart bathrooms and have a team of highly skilled installers ready to help you.

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